A Quick Reference: Forms and Requirements (Updated June 9th)


Please take the time to read this document in full as it clears up a lot of common communication and expectation issues that go with exhibiting at ASU. Thank you in advance for your time and committment to hosting a successful exhibition at the SoA!







*Any change to your exhibition, the exhibition date or cancellation must be requested in writing via email.

Unless it is an emergency, all other communication should be done via email.


Exhibition Timeline

On the First Day of Term you Must Do the Following:

  1. Submit Calendar Event information via email. Link here: PR Worksheet Document #5
  2. Submit Calendar Event image via email: The ASU events page has to have images that are horizontal in format (landsape orientation) at least 640 pixels wide but no more than 3000 pixels wide and less than 3 MG for it to post. Without an image, no event can be posted.
  3. Submit PR, poster/postcard designs via email: Poster is mandatory / Postcard is optional (Only the PR and the Poster needs to be sent to the Galleries Director)
  4. Submit payment receipt in Main Art Office – this applies to non-MFA/BFA graduation shows only. Payment should be made at any of the schooll registrars. The sites are listed HERE.
  5. Submit Technology Request Form in Main Art Office – the more information you include here, the better we can help you.



Harry Wood Exhibitors: 4PM Friday exhibitor check–in with Gallery Director at the gallery

Step Gallery: Noon on Sunday Exhibitor check in with Gallery TA at the gallery

Loan Agreement Form and Food Service Form must be completed prior to arrival

Tool Checkout form to be completed with Gallery Director at install 5pm begin installation



HW Exhibitors Only: Sunday prior to your opening, 4 p.m.
Step Exhibitors Only: Tuesday prior to your opening, afternoon
The gallery tech will come to help adjust lights and check-in tool cart. All work should be hung at this point. You should also be done with all of the tools you checked out.


Throughout the run of your exhibition

If you are exhibiting in the Harry Wood Gallery, you will have access to the closet in the Southeast corner. You may keep a few small items in this closet, however, you will need to keep the walkway to the caged area clean, as the gallery staff may need access to it. If you are exhibiting in Step or G100, you will not have access to any other rooms besides the gallery area.


Opening Night

(HW Exhibitors only) Tuesday of exhibition 6-8pm Opening reception

(Step Exhibitors only) Friday of exhibition 6-9 opening/closing reception


For Harry Wood and Gallery 100 Exhibitors 3-4pm on Friday is de-installation time.   
Please arrive promptly at 3pm, bring help, and begin to de-install your show as efficiently as possible, returning gallery to its original state.


For Step Exhibitors

You can start as early as Saturday evening after the gallery closes at 5. You must be done by Noon on Sunday when you will check in with the gallery TA to make sure things back in their original condition.


Communications and PR

Calendar: All exhibitors are required to submit a brief exhibition description (50-100 words) for the HIDA Events page and other local arts calendars. This information is due in to the Gallery Director at the beginning of the semester, and may be submitted via email using the PR worksheet (PR Worksheet)  In addition to the description, you must submit at least one image as a .jpeg file, and no more than three (example: 01_LastName.jpeg). The images must be horizontal in their orientation and 2400 pixels x 1350 pixels. These images should be emailed to the gallery director (Grant.Vetter@asu.edu). Images for the calendar should be no larger than 2MB. In the body of that email, each image submitted should include an image description (artist, title, medium, size, date of completion) as well as a photo credit. Please be sure to use proper spelling, capitalization and formatting. For examples, please access the calendar through the following link: https:// asuevents.asu.edu/

Poster: This is not optional. Poster designs must be submitted as a PDF file to the Gallery Director via email at the prescribed due date defined on the Exhibitor Deadlines page. Select the 11” x 17” poster template specific to your exhibition space. ASU is extremely strict about formatting, all information on the poster must follow university terms and conditions. Copy and paste date formatting from the attached sheet.

Text that does not follow these guidelines cannot be approved and posters will be returned for revision. Instructions on how to build and format posters are included in this packet. Make sure you choose the template that corresponds to the gallery that you are exhibiting in. Templates for these materials can be found at: http:// herbergerinstitute.asu.edu/faculty/resources/communications/design_templates.php#art Or here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160417181011/http://herbergerinstitute.asu.edu/faculty/resources/communications/design_templates.php

Postcards: Printing postcards is at the discretion of the individual exhibitor. Should you choose to print postcards, the ASU logo must comply with the university standards. Exhibitors are required to use HIDA templates and must get the final design approved by gallery director before print. Same link as above: https://web.archive.org/web/20160417181011/http://herbergerinstitute.asu.edu/faculty/resources/communications/design_templates.php



Fill out the following forms and submit to the Gallery Director’s e-mail on the first day of the semester. 

     1. Technology Request Form

     2. PR Worksheet

Fill out the following forms PRIOR to arrival at Installation:

  1. Loan Agreement (one per artist if it is a group exhibition)

  2. Food Service (14 days in advance)

Forms filled out on Installation day with Gallery Director:

      1. Tool and Supply Checkout

*Exhibition Fee: Non-graduating exhibitors must pay an exhibition fee of $25 due at the beginning of the semester. Complete the Departmental Input Receipt (fill out the highlighted fields) and make a photocopy of the completed form. Please take one copy to the Cashiers Office, on the second floor of the Student Services Building along with $25 in cash or check form only. They will give you a receipt of payment in return. Submit this receipt (or a photocopy) along with the second copy of the Departmental Input Receipt to the Gallery Director’s mailbox at the beginning of the semester. The current registrar code is: MA51050 (Beware, this code changes from time to time).


Gallery Exhibitions Class

Harry Wood Gallery, Gallery 100, and the Step Gallery are teaching venues for the School of Art. On the day of the installation, a group of students from the Gallery Exhibitions Class will be present to patch, paint, and repair minor cosmetic damages to return gallery to its original condition for the next exhibitor. These assistants are not required to help move or handle artwork, and will not be present to assist with installation.



In an effort to coordinate receptions with local art events (ASU Art Museum, Scottsdale Art Walks, etc.), exhibitors are required to hold a reception from 6-8p.m. on the Tuesday during their exhibition (Harry Wood and Gallery 100) or 6-8p.m.on the First/Third Friday of their exhibition (Step Gallery). If the exhibitor would like to hold additional receptions or events during their exhibit they are welcome to do so. However, an additional reception does not relieve the exhibitor of their Tuesday/First-Third Friday obligation.

The exhibitor will observe the university guidelines for food service. Please see the following site if you have specific questions: http://students.asu.edu/node/1854

No alcohol will be served in the gallery. The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning up after the reception and for removing any leftover food, food service supplies and garbage.page3image20136 page3image20296



Between 4 and 5pm at Harry Wood Gallery and Gallery 100. Noon on Sunday at Step Gallery.
The exhibitor meets with Gallery Director and/or Gallery TA to submit final paperwork. If the previous exhibitor is done de-installing their show, you may begin installation.
5:00p.m. is the Official start of installation as it is the deadline for previous exhibitor to vacate gallery, but if they are done by 4pm or anytime thereafter then the next exhibitor may begin installing with permission.



3:00pm at Harry Wood Gallery and Gallery 100. 5pm on Saturday at Step Gallery. Begin exhibition de-install at the appointed time. Exhibitors must arrive on time and should begin to clear the gallery as quickly as possible, but must be out by no later than 5pm at Harry Wood and Gallery 100, and no later than noon on Sunday at Step Gallery. This means the holes in the wall must be filled and the paint covering them must be dry. Please plan accordingly. Getting helpers is highly encouraged. After your install, possible thesis defense, and opening reception, you are going to be exhausted. Don’t try and de-install your show on your own. This time is exclusively for de-installing your show and is not an opportunity for photography, performance, etc.


Gallery Standards

The paint information listed below is for the HW Gallery. Please double check with the gallery director for the Step Gallery. You are not allowed to repaint the Step Gallery a different color. 


Paint: The gallery will be painted Dunn Edwards Suprema 10 (flat) Swiss Coffee when it is turned over to the exhibitor and is expected to be left in the same condition at checkout. Exhibitors will be provided a pint of touch-up paint at the installation of their exhibition. The Gallery Class will assist with touch up painting at de-install. The exhibitor will supply paint for the walls, pylons or pedestals if the said pylons, pedestals, or walls are painted a different color than Swiss Coffee. Repainting the walls to the gallery color is done at the expense of the exhibitor. Please identify your plans to repaint the gallery to the Gallery Director – and the exhibitor following you – at the beginning of the semester, so adjustments can be made for gallery turnover. You should plan for 2 coats of Kilz primer (which is cheaper) and 2 coats of Swiss Coffee. This is AT LEAST 2 gallons of each type of paint.

Pedestals, Pylons, Vitrines: A selection of pylons, pedestals and vitrines will be available for the exhibitor’s use and a list of available materials will be provided via email by request. The pylons and pedestals are not to be permanently cut into, added onto, or otherwise changed. Shims for leveling pylons will be supplied to exhibitors by the gallery. If you plan to combined pedestals or pylons to create a larger surface, you may cover the seams using masking tape and paint provided by the gallery.

You may not use spackle, dry wall putty, or anything made for permanent use as this damages the pylons beyond repair.


Hardware: The exhibitor will provide his or her own installation/mounting hardware and supplies, and specialized or power tools.


Safety: Exhibitors must comply with safety regulations required by University Risk Management. The gallery staff will enforce certain installation restrictions. If the there are specific concerns it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to address these issues before installation. The Gallery Director reserves the right to close the doors on any exhibition where safety regulations are not followed until the violation is rectified. The most common safety issues encountered in the galleries relate to fire and other flammable materials.

Lighting: At installation, the Gallery Tech will schedule a meeting to light your exhibit prior to opening. Please schedule the Gallery Tech for a time that you know your exhibition will be ready for lighting. Exhibitors are not allowed access to the lighting equipment, nor are they to remove bulbs from the track- lighting fixtures. Any damaged bulbs or fixtures or burned out bulbs or fixtures should be reported to the Gallery Tech. Reimbursement costs for replacing light canisters and bulbs damaged because of poor handling will be charged to exhibitor. For informational purposes, the galleries use Philips brand, 75W, 130V Halogen PAR Lamps. There are both Spot and Wide Flood options.

Technology: Some technology is available to exhibitors through the School of Art Galleries. This technology is provided on a first come first serve basis. Masters of Fine Arts Thesis exhibitions take precedence over other exhibits. Please see the Inventory document in this packet for specifics. An additional loan agreement will need to be signed by the exhibitor and submitted as required by the Exhibitor Deadlines page.


Condition: The costs for any repairs for damage to the core of the gallery, or any special maintenance or cleaning charges are the financial responsibility of the exhibitor.


Prices: Galleries are ASU learning spaces, so no prices may be posted during the exhibition. However, receptions are considered private parties and exhibitors may post a price list at this time. If exhibitors wish to keep prices on hand during the exhibition they may be left with the Gallery Assistants.


Hours of Operation: Harry Wood Gallery: Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-3pm Step: Gallery 100: Monday-Thurs 12-5pm, noon-3pm on Friday.

Gallery Sitting: The Harry Wood Gallery is monitored exclusively by the Main Art Office. Step Gallery is monitored by student workers. Step Gallery is has hired attendents. 


Early Removal: Exhibitors are expected to have their exhibition open during normal hours of operation. All galleries observe national holidays and university closings according to university standards. The alteration of exhibition hours must be submitted and approved by the Gallery Director at the time the calendar and PR are submitted. Work on display must remain in the gallery throughout the scheduled run of the exhibition. Should a work of art need to be removed, a temporary removal form must be filled out with the Gallery Director’s approval.


Access: Exhibitors will be provided all necessary keys and key codes at the beginning of the exhibition. Exhibitors have unlimited access to their exhibit throughout the duration. However, the gallery staff will still need access to the closets in Harry Wood, and Step. Please do not use this as a personal storage space for the week(s) of your show. If we cannot access the tools we need, we will be getting in touch with you in the middle of your very busy week and asking you to clean it.

Gallery Contacts: Please use this contact information discreetly and for official gallery related questions or concerns. Email is the best way to get in touch with Grant.


Gallery Director: Grant Vetter, Grant.Vetter@asu.edu 480.760.1709



Dial 9-1-1 for Police • Fire • Medical
ASU Information: (480) 965-9011
Non-Emergency: (480) 965-3456
Non-Emergency TDD: (480) 965-8477
Chemical Spills/Hazardous Materials Spills: (480) 965-1823 or 9-1-1
Emergency Procedures - To view general campus emergency procedures and/or to download a PDF version, visit the ASU Department of Public Safety (DPS) web site at www.asu.edu/dps/emergency/ emergency.htm.

Environment, Health & Safety: (480) 965-1823
Facilities Management (Buildings and Grounds): Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm: (480) 965-3633
After Hours/Weekends/Holidays: (480) 965-3653
Indoor Air Quality Complaints: (480) 965-1823 Information Technology: Help Desk: (480) 965-6500 


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