Exhibitors Agreement Checklist


Exhibitor Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


Exhibition Title:  _____________________________________________________________________________


☐  ☐ Exhibition Dates: ______________________________________________________________________


Your exhibition is scheduled for:     ☐ Gallery 100    ☐Harry Wood Gallery     ☐Step

                         ☐Display Cases         ☐Other _________________________________________________

Your exhibition is scheduled beginning __________________ through ______________________.

Any change to your exhibition, the exhibition date or cancellation must be requested in writing.

Exhibitions who are nor exhibiting as part of a requirement for graduation must pay an Exhibitors fee of $25 prior to installation.


☐ ☐ Meetings:

The exhibitor (or delegate) will meet with the Gallery Director as needed and an exhibition Coordinator may be assigned to serve as an agent of the gallery in matters of policy and procedure.


☐ ☐ Promotion:

  1. Printed exhibition announcements/ invitations. Exhibitor will send posters & postcards to Gallery Director for approval before printing. Posters and postcards must use approved Herberger branding templates found here: http://herbergerinstitute.asu.edu/faculty/resources/communications/design_templates.php
  2. Press Release information will be sent to the gallery director by the beginning of the semester you are exhibiting. If you do not send the information, you risk not having your show promoted.


☐ ☐ Exhibition Documents:

  1. Loan agreement forms and insurance coverage forms must be filled out before installation.
  2. Exhibitor will fill out a Tool and Supply Check-out with gallery representative at installation.


☐ ☐ Exhibition Installation:

  1. An outline of the exhibit should be discussed with the Gallery Director and any specific plans for installation (building, painting, additions to walls, ceiling, floor, electrical requirements, mounting support, etc) MUST be approved prior to installation.
  2. The exhibitor will meet the gallery representative at 4:00 PM on the Friday of installation (unless another time has been arranged) and again at 3:00 PM on the de-installation day.
  3. The members of the Gallery Exhibitions class may provide installation assistance when possible and when arranged ahead of time. However, the exhibitor should make arrangements for their own installation and strike crew.
  4. Any tools loaned by the gallery must be returned and in satisfactory condition or the exhibitor will be expected to reimburse the gallery for their replacement.
  5. The gallery walls will only be painted the official gallery color and the paint will be dry when it is turned over to the exhibitor. It is expected to be in the same condition at checkout.
  6. The exhibitor will supply paint for the walls, pylons or pedestals if they are to be painted anything other than the official gallery color.
  7. All brushes and other tools must be thoroughly cleaned by the exhibitor.
  8. A selection of pylons and pedestals will be available for the exhibitor’s use.  The pylons and pedestals are not to be permanently fixed and will not be cut into or otherwise changed.  
  9. The gallery will make available some tools and supplies to help with installation. Should the exhibitor need any special tools, they will have to provide them on his or her own. The same applies for small hardware to hang the art.
  10. The exhibitor is not to remove bulbs from the lighting track. Any damaged or burned out bulbs should be reported to a member of the gallery crew. Reimbursement costs for replacing light canisters and bulbs damaged because of poor handling will be charged to the exhibitor.
  11. Exhibitors must comply with safety regulations required by the University Risk Management. The gallery staff will enforce certain installation restrictions. The Gallery Director reserves the right to close the doors on any exhibition where safety regulations are not followed until the violation is rectified.
  12. The costs for any repairs for damage to a gallery or any special maintenance or cleaning charges are the financial responsibility of the exhibitor.
  13. The exhibitor must return the gallery to the same condition in which it was received, by 5:00 PM on the closing Friday. The exhibitor is responsible for the exhibition strike and is expected to be working on site until takedown is successfully completed or until he or she is dismissed by a member of the gallery staff.


☐ ☐ Reception:

  1. Receptions are scheduled for Tuesday (HW) and Friday (Step) evenings from 6-9 PM.
  2. The exhibitor will observe the University guidelines for food service. Specifically, all food must be store bought and no alcohol will be served in the gallery.
  3. An Application for Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit will be completed and filed in your gallery file.
  4. The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning after the reception and for removing any leftover food, food service supplies, and garbage.
  5. The exhibitor’s signature below indicated that the exhibitor understands and agrees to the exhibition dates scheduled and that you will abide by the regulations of the gallery and ASU in presenting your exhibition.
  6. The exhibitor should meet with the gallery director to review and sign the agreement. The exhibitor will receive a digital copy of the agreement and the original is filed in the exhibitor’s gallery file.


______________________________________        _____________________________________        ___________________

Exhibitors Name     (printed)                        Signature                                                      Date


______________________________________        _____________________________________        ___________________

Gallery Directors Name(printed)                Signature                                                       Date




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