Arts Congress / Arizona Citizens for the Arts



While ASU does not host the Arts Congress, it is the one day each year that arts and culture advocates, patrons, educators, business people and voters gather to speak directly to Arizona legislators about the importance of support for arts and culture in our state and Phoenix in particular.


The Arts Congress determines things like funding for the Arizona Commision for the Arts and state budgets related to arts projects throughout the whole of Arizona. Arts Congress is an important date for everone who is invested in the arts to come out and make their voice heard including the arts community of ASU, the Breakfast Club, Emerging Arts Leaders of Phoenix and many other influential arts-based communities.  






Blurb #1

"The Arizona Commission on the Arts is an agency of state government that works to increase access to the arts for all Arizona citizens. It's funded through the state and federal budgets, plus interest earned on a private endowment called Arizona ArtShare. The commission manages the Arizona Poet Laureate program, awards grants to artists and arts groups, and helps fund programs that serve students, seniors, and other Arizonans." - Lynn Trimble, New Times


Blurb #2

"Your voice is crucial to this effort. The day will only be a success if advocates like you join us, and visit with your state legislators to talk about the impact of arts and culture in your community and the importance of public support for the arts. Lunch with the legislators will be in the big tent and include visits to the House and Senate galleries." - Arizona Dance Coalition


Blurb #3

"Arts Congress is a full day of arts-related conversations and meetings with elected officials to ensure an open line of communication about the value and importance of the arts to our economy, children, education and quality of life." - AZ Citizens for the Arts







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