Technology Inventory List



The best chance of getting technology is to request it early, to check for compatibility issues early and to always allow enough time to find a back up source in case there are systemic incompatibility issues. Request form is: Here


YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PLAN TO CARRY OUT YOUR EXHBITION AS-IF NONE OF THE MEDIA CLOSET EQUIPTMENT WAS AVAIBLIBLE. This is because we don't buy the latest tehcnology each term and often people in the past have lost cords, key components, remote controllers and many other items necessaty for the operation of equiptment.


While we are in the process of evaluting and replacing outmoded or inoperable tehcnology, please plan accordingly by meeting with the galleries director to check to see if what we have does work for you well ahead of the actual exhibition dates.


We also need to know what equiptment will be needed to be transported between campuses in order for you to have all you equiptment needs met on the day of instal.



(1) projectors made by View Sonic black pjd7820hd DLP projector (1 present and 1 empty box one is missing)
$580 B&H

(1) projectors made by View Sonic  Lightstream pjd7828hdl DLP projector (new unopened)
$300 at Home Depot

(4) white cannon projector model #lb-8310 (and 1 carrying bag)

(3) rolling black backpack for projector

(1) epson projector model h550a (1 present and 1 missing, empty box)

(2) Blue ray player samsung bde5900

(2) blue ray player samsung model bdc5500

(1) blue ray player samsung model bd-d5100​

(1) apple keyboard model a1048

(1) dell keyboard model 100

(1) 12 foot HDMI cable
$24 at!4223!3!47983870099!!!g!54996215070!

(1) s210 “storefront” popcorn hour 

(1) optima projector dip texas instruments optima pro 160s and carrying case (missing wires??)

(2) Samsung LCD tv 32” 
$280 at Best Buy

(1) medium cooler 
$18 at Target

(1) 2 way speaker monitor AN-1000x made by; anchor audio ink

(1) universal projector mount. brand is mustang mv-projsp 1 large tv mount projector , white, model #mw824st

(1) samsung Blue ray dvd player bd-jm57 (black)

(2) blue tooth portable speakers made by dell (brand new in box) Model ad211 grey                                                     

(2) hdmi cable 10 ft long amazon basics 

(2) 2 pack 3.5 mm stereo audio cable.. black 12 feet. cable matters

(1) 25 feet 3.5 stereo audio cable black

(1) 10 pack female to female stereo audio cupler

(3) Jelco carrying cases for laptops      

(3) macbook A1286 17”                                                                                                                                                   

(5) small lamps (1 of the 5 is broken) model# b06115cch

(1) 19” dell monitor 1703FPt

(1) 20.5” dell monitor 1800FP 
$85 at

(2) universal ceiling projector mount - 7.9 inches Siig

(3) universal projector mounts ready set mount

(1) logitech stereo speakers z130 
$25 at

(1) powered computer speakers insignia

(1) box full of HDMI cables & DVI cables

(2) apple mouses model A1152
$49 at Apple store

(7) boxes of plexiglass various sizes


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